Complete Carpet Cleaning Tips

It is imperative to take regular care of a carpet after you have incorporated an inexpensive one at your place. It gives you long lasting benefits and ensures that you have orderly and spanking new environs. Though vacuuming alone will not solve the purpose of cleaning, you will have to look at other ways too. So you should have some idea of carpet cleaning tips.

Your carpet would live a better life if it is cleaned everyday. But that is not a viable option to vacuum everyday when it comes to reality. Twice a week is sufficed for a higher traffic area. Most of the times, dust gets entrenched to the lowest layer of the carpet weaving. Hence it calls for thorough cleaning. It is best to clean it back and forth and sideways in a repeated motion. Clean the area again and again in parallel rows and side by side around seven times in coarse strokes.

There are few other popular methods of carpet cleaning tips beyond vacuuming it. You can shampoo a carpet and leave it for a while. It absorbs the dirt from the lowest layer and then let it dry. Vacuuming afterwards is a better solution to it. Or otherwise, you can use a steam clean method. Spray a liquid cleaning agent, which will absorb the dust particles and bring them to surface. The steam clean machine will clean this dirt from the surface.

Well, as far as cleaning and washing a carpet is concerned, all the above mentioned carpet cleaning tips are good. But what when some guests leave a stain on it? It is not possible to avoid all such circumstances. One or the other time someone is going to bring in dirty shoes, or step with muddy feet or drop a piece of food. The secret behind leaving it stain-free is to act instantly. When such a situation arises, do not rub in any of the spilled material on carpet. The fibers will absorb it and the stain will settle deeper. Soak the excessive liquid with the help of tissues and blot it. Do not let the stain to wear out and become permanent. Though various liquids are available in the market, but some home remedies can also do the trick. For oil spots, corn starch and baking soda can be used as cleaning agents. Stubborn stains of coffee and chocolate can be removed by the use of vinegar. Even blotting soda can be helpful with a dry cloth as the soaking agent. These cleaning tips are really good and effective.

Apart from having the awareness of carpet cleaning tips, there can be a different way out for a cleaner home. Avoid getting it dirty at the first place. Place shoes at the entrance of the house to make your home a shoe-free zone. This will require for you to put spare slippers for them as even bare feet can harm your carpet. With the shoe replacement, the placement of a mat is necessary. This will allow people to wipe their feet and clean it while changing slippers. Also place one mat outside the door of your house. It should be big enough for people to wipe the excessive dirt before they even enter your house. And always remember to clean these mats regularly. After a certain point in time, these mats grow saturated of mud and dirt. Thus they do not absorb any more and the dirt starts entering your house. A careful eye on your cleanliness can save your carpet for ages and retain its beauty. Hence, be consistent in whatever you do and try to incorporate some of these carpet cleaning tips.

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Top Ten Cleaning Tips

After a long week at work or a week full of shuffling your children around from school to sporting events, the thought of having to clean your house is far from your mind. That weekly house cleaning session could be the most dreaded activity; however, with these top ten cleaning tips, life may have just gotten a little bit easier.

Tip 1: Use a window cleaner that attaches to your water hose to spray clean windows at one time with no streaks. For the inside of the windows, spray a window cleaner on the windows and wipe clean with newspaper for a streak and dust free shine.

Tip 2: Spray all your screens with a strong stream of water in a sweeping back and forth motion. With enough water pressure, no scrubbing with chemicals is necessary.

Tip 3: Wipe down all windowsills with a rag soaked in a deodorizing liquid cleaner to not only clean the buildup of dust, cobwebs, dirt, and bugs, but it will give your home a fresh scent while cleaning.

Tip 4: For mildew buildup on walls and ceilings of bathrooms, soak a sponge mop with mildew remover solution. Dab all mildew spots. In a minute or two the mold will be gone.

Tip 5: Use a rag and furniture polish to shine and dust your furniture at the same time. Do this only once a month. Use a regular dust-grabbing mitt for weekly cleaning.

Tip 6: Keep a bottle of disinfecting wipes handy in the bathroom. Use these to quickly wipe down counters and toilets every three days to maintain a healthy environment.

Tip 7: Dust baseboards easily by using a dust-grabbing mitt and placing it on your foot, walk around the entire house with one foot on the baseboards.

Tip 8: Deter grime buildup in kitchen sinks by spraying the sink down with a disinfecting bleach after washing dishes.

Tip 9: Vacuum your floors and carpet before dusting, as vacuuming causes some floor dust to rise.

Tip 10: Save dusting and cleaning time by using disinfectant cleaning wipes to clean dirt, mildew, and dust from blind window treatments.

Not all of the above top 10 cleaning tips need to be followed each week. The cleaning of windows, screens, windowsills, and bathroom mold can be done every four months. This will allow you to maintain a well cared for home at all times. The other tips are great ways to maintain the cleanliness of your home with minimal time.

Thorough Clean as the name suggests believes in delivering high quality and the best services to its clients.

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Green Cleaning Tips For Kitchens

One of the best places to start your green cleaning is in the kitchen, since it is one of the areas of your home you must clean daily, and also where we make and eat our meals. Therefore, here are the top ten green cleaning tips for kitchens, to keep them sparkling without hurting our health or the environment.

Tip 1: Switch to a natural dish soap. Did you know that when you clean your dishes each night with many types of commercial dish soaps you are cleaning with a petroleum based product? To avoid using these non-renewable resources and man-made chemicals switch to a vegetable based dish soap, such as castile soap, for washing your dishes.

Tip 2: Use all natural all-purpose cleaners. Most areas of your kitchen, such as spills and dirt on your counters and tables, can be cleaned with dishwashing soap and water. For a more powerful cleaner, for those areas which have gotten stained or are quite dirty, you can also use a paste of baking soda and water, or for really stubborn stains try a paste of oxygen bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Tip 3: Switch to a natural dishwasher detergent. A great recipe to try is a tablespoon of this mixture for each load: 1/4 cup citric acid and 1.5 cups of borax, mixed together. This will keep your dishes clean without chlorine, strong alkalies, or phosphates.

Tip 4: Clean your wooden cutting board with lemon and coarse salt. You can clean stains from your cutting board by putting coarse salt all over it, and then rubbing the salt into the board with a cut lemon. Then, rinse well and lay the board on its side to dry. (You still need to use a non-porous board for cutting raw meat, instead of a wooden one.)

Tip 5: Sanitize your sponges by boiling them. Sponges made of natural material are great to use in the kitchen for cleaning and scrubbing, but they can harbor bacteria and other germs. At least once a week, and more often if needed, you should sanitize your sponges. A green way to do this is by boiling them for five minutes, allowing the heat to kill all the germs.

Tip 6: Use hydrogen peroxide to sanitize kitchen surfaces. When green cleaning you want to avoid the use of chlorine bleach, but you still need to sanitize food preparation surfaces in your kitchen to stop the spread of illness causing bacteria. A natural way to do this is to make a spray bottle full of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water, and spray this on any surface that needs to be sanitized. Wait approximately five minutes and then wipe away the solution. (Hydrogen peroxide must be shielded from the light to stay active, so either keep the solution in an opaque bottle or mix only as much as needed for one cleaning at a time.)

Tip 7: Cut the grease from your kitchen cabinets with dish soap. Have you ever noticed a sticky dusty film on your kitchen cabinets, especially close to the stove where you cook? This comes from a thin layer of grease that can easily coat your cabinets, making them look bad. To combat this just wipe your cabinets down with a damp sponge soaked in a solution of water and a tiny amount of dish soap. The soap will cut and remove the grease which seems otherwise impossible to remove.

Tip 8: Clean your oven with baking soda paste. Cleaning ovens with nasty chemicals is definitely not green cleaning. Instead, make a paste of baking soda and water and spread this over the walls and bottom of your oven, and let it sit overnight. The next day you should be able to scrape and clean your oven of all that built up grime.

Tip 9: Vinegar can be used to clean your coffee maker. Over time your coffee maker will begin to get a build up of hard water and calcium. To get rid of this fill the carafe with 1 part water and 1 part vinegar, and pour this into the machine like you were making coffee. Let the machine run through a full cycle, and then run another cycle using just plain water. The vinegar will remove this build up, leaving a clean coffee maker for your use.

Tip 10: Soak burned pots and pans in a baking soda solution. If you accidentally burn food in the bottom of your pot or pan you can clean it easily with a paste of baking soda and water. Spread the paste on the bottom of the pan and let it sit for at least thirty minutes. This will loosen the debris and make cleaning the pot much simpler.

Taylor Flanery writes for, where one of the topics of discussion is homemade, green and natural cleaners for every room of the house. You can see some great recipes for homemade cleaning products, such as homemade all-purpose cleaner, at her website. You can also print out her kitchen cleaning checklist to make sure you do all the daily, weekly, and monthly kitchen chores necessary to keep your kitchen clean all the time.

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Important Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpeting can be expensive, and when you see a glass of red win or a bowl of spaghetti sauce begin to topple, it’s only natural that you begin to hold your breath! Because of the overall investment that most homeowners make with their carpeting, we felt it would be prudent to share some carpet cleaning tips to help reduce the amount of wear and tear that you notice through the daily activities in these carpeted areas, while setting the table for successful professional cleanings on a periodic basis. When combining these tips with the professional care, you’ll extend the life of your carpeting without losing any of the “new look” that so many of us long to maintain.

Regular “Dry” Cleanings
Sure, in the carpeting cleaning industry it is known as “dry cleaning”, but for our purposes, we’ll just call it “vacuuming”. This sounds simple, but many people don’t vacuum as much as they should, and because the dirt can work its way down into the fibers with every footstep on the carpeting, it’s important to get it out as often as possible. Running a vacuum over your carpeting every couple of days will ensure that it continues to look fresh, vibrant, and remains “dust-free”, helping to promote a healthy environment for your friends and family.

Tackling Stains Immediately
When we began this article, we mentioned “red wine” and “spaghetti sauce”, two items that are often the ire of anyone with carpeting. Accidents will occur, and when they do, it’s important that you act quickly. One of the biggest mistakes made is the “I’ll take care of it in a little while” mentality. When a stain occurs, tackling it immediately is imperative! If you only take a single tip from this list, be sure that it is this one – when a stain occurs, use heat to help extract it from the carpeting!

Use Door Rugs
While many households implement a “no shoes” policy, dirt will inevitably find its way into your carpeting. Pets and children can track just about anything they walk through outdoors into your home. Area rugs at all of the entrances can go a long way when trying to eliminate the amount of dirt in your household. Remind people to wipe their feet, or request that they take their shoes off, and you’ll be doing your part to greatly reduce tracked-in dirt.

Evaluate Your Cleaning Products
Cleaning products are one of the highlights of our carpet cleaning tips. While many simply pick up products while at the grocery store, remember that there are several professional-grade products that can help you to break down the dirt and grime that tends to build up in the fibers of your carpeting. Always read the label to determine whether or not it is safe for use on your type of carpeting, and learn about any safety issues that may arise if you have small children or pets that likely spend quite a bit of time lying on the carpet.

Your carpeting is one of the biggest investments you’ll make involving the interior of your home. Refer to these carpet cleaning tips regularly to ensure that you are doing everything possible between professional cleanings to extend the life of your carpeting. From regular cleanings to eliminating the amount of dirt that finds its way inside your house, these small, yet easy to implement, tricks can give you clean, lush carpeting without the need for extensive protections or regular deep cleanings. And, when you combine these carpet cleaning tips with periodic professional services, you’ll notice that your carpet lasts far longer than most can anticipate.

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Five Top Vinyl Record Cleaning Tips

We have all experienced it, set the turntable going only for a beautiful piece of music to be ruined by those annoying pops and crackles that come with the territory if you use vinyl. And the more sensitive (read expensive) your system is the more you notice the imperfections. The problems is caused by dust, mostly flakes of skin, being attracted to the record grooves through the static charge they build up whilst being played. This charge attracts dust into the grooves causing the stylus to be deflected or bounce over them. This problem can be solved in a couple of ways; use something to dislodge the dust – brushes, cloths are the most popular and practical solutions; and use a good quality record cleaning fluid to loosen and soften the dust before cleaning. Why should you use a good quality fluid, because it will have anti-static properties that will reduce the dust attraction.

Stopping surface noise is an on-going battle and the price you pay for musical perfection. Whatever you decide to use to clean your records there are five simple rules and cleaning tips that will help you keep your vinyl record collection in tip-top condition.

Record Cleaning Tip 1. Clean your vinyl records little and often

You may of heard of the saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’? It means prevention is far better and easier than the cure. The same is also true for your precious record collection. If you take regular care of your LP’s they will reward you with a lifetime of quality listening. Clean your records little and often and you will hear the difference.

Record Cleaning Tip 2. Use a two-stage approach

For the best results consider using a combination of cleaning methods. Initially and on a regular basis using a cleaning fluid to remove the worst of the grime is the best option. Every 5-20 plays depending on how much the surface noise bothers you. But this is probably something you wouldn’t want to do before every play. For that a quick wipe using a brush or a microfiber cloth before each play is easy to do and will make a real difference to the audio sound quality. Whatever you decide make it a habit before every play.

Record Cleaning Tip 3. Use the best quality products you can afford

We all know that we tend to get what you pay for and this is also true for vinyl cleaning kits. And we have all bought something because it was cheap and in hindsight regretted the purchase. Cheaper vinyl cleaning kits are cheap for a reason, to cut costs they use smaller cloths and weak, dilute or lower-grade cleaning fluids. Some even use liquid soap that leaves a sticky residue on the vinyl – and the stylus.

Record Cleaning Tip 4. Buy a brand name

Many cleaning fluids are made by well-meaning, enthusiastic amateurs making concoctions discovered by trial and error and then mixed on kitchen tables. Whilst these cleaning fluids may well be suitable there is no real way to know because they have not been tested. The only way to test them is on your record collection! So best to stick to a known brand that has a money-back guarantee, that way you know you and your LP’s are in safe hands.

Record Cleaning Tip 5. Clean your stylus on a regular basis

There is no point have clean records if you have a dirty stylus. So use a stylus cleaning fluid on a regular basis – a simple visual inspection will tell you if your stylus needs cleaning. HI-Fi Choice magazine said stylus cleaning fluid is ‘A highly efficient and very safe way of cleaning a stylus; used regularly it will enhance LP sound and help preserve discs and stylus.’ And remember the amount used in each application is minimal so a 10ml bottle will last for years.

Finally however you clean your records, remember that you’ll get your rewards from the crisper sound that they deliver. You will hear the difference.

Article by Jim Brackin of Vinyl Clear. Developers of the industry standard, Deep Track VinylClear Fluid used by professionals to reduce static, surface noise, improve playback quality and give records a lasting glossy finish.

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Speed Cleaning Tips for People Who Don’t Like Cleaning

It is safe to say that people want to live in a clean environment. While this is the goal, it is can be hard to attain because of work and other constant distractions. Few people have the luxury of having a staff to clean up for them. Read on for our time-saving, speedy home cleaning tips for people with busy schedules.

There are some time-saving techniques that can be used to clean up the home. If the clutter seems a bit overwhelming, start by clearing the big items. Getting rid of visible clutter first can produce faster results. Another option to remove the clutter in the room is to pick up a little a time.

Cleaning up as you go is one of the best speed cleaning tips available. Make it a habit to never leave a room without taking an item with you and putting it in its proper place. Wash the dishes after every meal to prevent them from accumulating. Another good way of keeping the home clean is to make the bed as soon as you get up.

Invest in sufficient amounts of storage bins to help organize items. Trays with dividers are perfect for small items such as buttons and cufflinks. They can be neatly put away in a drawer to keep them out of sight. For bigger items, large plastic bins placed near the door or another convenient location makes it easy to get rid of clutter. Choose clear plastic ones so it is easy to find things without the need of opening them up.

Keeping a clean house is easier to do when the proper materials are at hand. Have a stock of rags that can be used to dust surfaces. As for cleaning products, choose multi-purpose products that can be used in different parts of the house such as the bathroom and kitchen. Having one product for several uses lessens the time and effort of cleaning.

There is also no reason why the entire house should be cleaned at the same day. Break the home into sections and tackle them one day at a time. There is no rule that says that the entire home should be cleaned in just one day. For example, bedrooms and hallways can be cleaned first followed by the kitchen and dining are the following day. Breaking up the home into sections makes it less overwhelming to clean. This frees up more time for other important activities that cannot be put off.

Cleaning the home regularly by a weekly cleaning checklist also ensures that not too much time is spent cleaning each time. It would be easier and faster to clean the area if dirt is not allowed to accumulate. For example, soap scum and mildew in the bathrooms become more difficult to remove the longer they are there. It also means we are less likely to resent cleaning our house if we do it bit by bit rather than in one allocated cleaning day.

Perhaps one of the most important home cleaning tips when it comes to cleaning quickly is to involve other people into the task. Having more than one person do the cleaning can cut down the time spent doing the work. Even children can be given simple tasks such as pickup up their toys and making the beds. Incorporate packing away as part of the routine and even introduce a star chart reward system. You will also be creating good habits for their future.

For tons of free cleaning short cuts and secret tips, visit []. Katrina White, is the owner of, a directory of house cleaning articles. If you would like to receive more information, sign up to the free mini-course that will deliver cleaning tips and secrets to your inbox. All articles are written to provide tips to free up the time to do the things you love to do.

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About Essential House Cleaning Tips

Are you looking for some house cleaning tips for the inevitable cleaning tasks to make a neat and clean home? Do you consider your household chores tedious and time consuming job? And yet want to stay in unsoiled setting. Does your house cleaning plan include rushing here and there in your house dusting, sweeping, wiping, washing, rinsing and what not?

Stop looking about as you are in the right place. Cleaning your home is in fact an exhausting job, but let’s make it less intension by our useful home-cleaning tips. Put on your favorite music and just watch how fast your can do with your cleaning. Our site is loaded with all type of cleaning tips for home and in the next few minutes you will enjoy learning some helpful tips that will aid you to get your housekeeping under command and relieve yourself from cleaning your home again and again.

Find out more about how you can quickly clean your home by reading through our exceptional tips and checklist that reduce your time and effort.

• Cleaning Checklist for your House

First of all you should have your cleaning supplies handy otherwise it can be the biggest time wasters. Making your own cleaning checklist will help you to sort out the essential things to do from the never ending task. Learn more about how to bring your job in control by breaking up your task on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

• House organization tips

An essential tips for cleaning your house or organizational phase is to get rid of the clutter
If your goal for this year is to make your house clutter-free, browse our site and follow the guidelines and available services available to take the load of such time consuming practice and saving you time for a prolonged period.

• Housekeeping tips

Everyone wants to stay in a clean and hygienic way with their family. In fact sparkling bathroom, a sterile kitchen, radiant floors are every one’s dream. But maintaining such type of cleaning is not that easy. Follow our guidelines to clean your surroundings, making them clutter-free, maintaining a track of every day household belongings, home decoration, organizing your household items in their right place, maintaining your daily laundry and basic house repairs and more. Keep your house in perfect condition with our efficient housekeeping and cleaning tips and advice.

• House Cleaning Service

In today’s world, more and more people are trying to get rid of menial house cleaning jobs by hiring a good cleaning service with reasonable fees. Hotel or restaurant owners are also having the urgent need of such professional cleaning service that to keep up the hygiene rules to stay in business. Follow our tips of how to pick a good cleaning service and do away with this menial job.

• House Cleaning Business tips

In today’s world with when both the husband and wife joining the work force, cleaning services have become the utmost need to do the menial tasks of cleaning their house. With a wish to keep the homes in order, we notice an increasingly popularity of house cleaner who helps us to do the daily cleaning task. With the growing demand more and more house cleaning businesses started springing up. In today’s market, cleaning services business has become a hot business trend. Use your professional house cleaning experience into a business and start right now. Follow our house cleaning tips and make money.

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Green Cleaning Tips for Home and Office

Even cleaning companies struggle to become eco-friendly and advertise themselves as using green products and methods. However, if you clean your own house or office, it might be in your best interest to be aware of certain green cleaning tips. Not only that you will help protect the environment, but you will also do a better job with less money. Here are some green cleaning tips for home and office.

Since the importance of having an eco-friendly attitude is understood by more and more people and companies each day, green cleaning products can now be found on the market. Companies have reached the conclusion that they can’t be competitive unless they come up with something green, made of biodegradable ingredients and renewable resources. Choosing these products is definitely better than going for toxic ones. Those who want to be even greener can make their own cleaning products from water combined with either vinegar or baking soda. This is one of the best green cleaning tips because these substances can clean almost anything in the house.

• Keep the windows of your home or office opened as much as possible. The air you breath indoors is often more toxic than the one outdoors. Various substances and materials contribute to the toxicity of the air. Airing the rooms often will leave your house or office toxin free and will allow fresh air to replace contaminated one.

• Contrary to the popular belief, antibacterial cleansers are not good for you and are not doing a better job than plain water and soap. Many people use them hoping to get rid of bacteria. However, they don’t know that constant usage of antibacterial soaps can determine the growth of even more powerful bacteria meant to resist them. Water and soap are the best choice for washing your hands. FDA has recently reached this conclusion and is currently discouraging usage of antibacterial cleansers.

• Most popular green cleaning tips involve using baking soda instead of commercial cleaning products. This can be successfully used for removing bad smell in the refrigerator, but few people know that it can do the same thing for carpets which don’t smell nice anymore. Sprinkle it on the carpet, let it absorb the odor for a while and then use the vacuum to clean it.

• Instead of buying expensive air fresheners, boil some of your favorite herbs in your kitchen. This will definitely change the smell in your house and it does not require a lot of effort. Baking chocolate chip cookies is also going to make your house smell fantastic. One of the best green cleaning tips is to keep plants in your home. There isn’t any easier method of cleaning the indoor air.

• There is no point in putting all these green cleaning tips in practice if you flush your chemical products down the drain or throw them away in the trash. They are very harmful for the environment and, those which go down the drain, eventually get back in your water and pollute it. You can recycle used cleaning products in special centers or during the recycling days which are held regularly.

• Dry cleaning is one of the worst choices you can make both for you and the environment. The products which are being used are extremely toxic. Fortunately, there are also green dry cleaners and you can choose those instead. If you still have to go to a traditional dry cleaning, air the clothes well before wearing them or hanging them in the closet.

• It is difficult for busy people who turn to cleaning companies to put in practice green cleaning tips. However, you can protect the environment even if you don’t clean your house or office. Just go with a company that uses green products and methods.

• One of the simplest green cleaning tips is to leave toxic substances outside your home. Imagine how many harmful substance you have on your shoe soles. Unless you do something about this, they will all enter your house. You can invest in an entryway track-off system or ask everybody to take their shoes off. Not only that you will keep your house safe from toxins, but you will also clean it easier and save some time and energy.

• Green cleaning has become so popular that even designers aim to create buildings that are easier to clean. This leads to incredible energy savings. Everybody should be preoccupied about reducing cleaning costs and energy costs. If you really want to make a difference, share all your green cleaning tips with others.

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The Unintended Consequences of Globalism

Globalism might be good for the world economy as a whole, but does not necessarily mean it has been good for the American worker. Whether intentional or unintended, the American worker has suffered through the philosophy of free trade. Do not miss quote me, Globalism has a lot of positives. Now more than ever the people of earth are connected through the internet and can communicate information faster than any other time in history. People are exposed to different cultures and ideas, and the free flow of information is exponentially evolving our society. “Free trade” plays a big part in globalism, which is why there has been a “backlash” from non-college educated workers in wealthy countries in direct response to the effects of free trade policies. When wealthy counties openly trade with developing countries it can overvalue the wealthy countries currency, which in turn makes imports cheaper while exports become more expensive. However, according to the Economic Policy Institute, the real culprit is not the valuation of the dollar and the increasing trade deficit. (Bivens, Economic Policy Institute)

The USA has increasingly shifted its economy from manufacturing to services like banking and investing. It is cheaper to import products of manufacturing from a country that has extremely cheap labor than it is to employ American workers in the United States. This in turn means there now is a premium on college educated Americans who are filling job openings within the service industry. On the other side of the coin, manufacturing jobs are leaving the country and lowering wages of workers without a college degree. This fact coupled with increasing technology that replaces workers and a trade policy that out prices “expensive” American workers is leading to decreased wages. As the US trades more with developing countries as a percentage of GDP, the wages of unskilled workers continue to decrease. (Slaughter and Swagle, International Monetary Fund)

Though Globalism has a net increase in GDP and employment for countries involved, most of the gains from free trade is disproportionately received by the top 1% of Americans. Policies that protect corporations and their interest at the expense of the American worker exacerbate the problem. Trade policies like NAFTA and others have little protections for workers and heavily favor the multinational corporations that seek to benefit from free trade. This only adds fuel to income inequality, which for poor countries can increase economic growth while having a negative effect on rich countries. Rich countries are also at higher risk of financial crisis when they have high levels of income inequality. (Malinen, Huffington Post)

Globalism and free trade are linked very close together, which is why there is a stigma attributed to the word. There has been growing resentment within the US and other wealthy nations of globalism as a whole. They do not just condemn free trade, but openly blame minorities and marginalized groups for their decrease in wages and “eroding” their cultural dominance that they claim dominion over. This is a deadly cycle, as income inequality only feeds this type of behavior. In a country that is not adequately educating its people, more of the workers within its country will become more ignorant. With free trade putting a premium on college educated workers and decreasing wages of unskilled labor, we are now almost at a tipping point, socially and economically.

Globalism has many unintended consequences that inadvertently caused huge social and economic problems within the US. The problems that globalism is causing is not a hard fix. Reducing the income inequality will eradicate more of the negative effects of globalism. Universal Education, Universal healthcare, and a rewrite of our tax code are just a few ways to reduce income inequality. All of these possibilities are well within our means. We have to take care of these problems swiftly, before globalism becomes an integral part of our own decline. (Mason, Post-Gazette)

Bivens, Josh. “Using Standard Models to Benchmark the Costs of Globalization for American Workers without a College Degree.” Economic Policy Institute. N.p., 22 Mar. 2016. Web. 25 Apr. 2017.

Malinen, Tuomas. “The Economic Consequences of Income Inequality.” The Huffington Post., 17 Dec. 2015. Web. 25 Apr. 2017.

Mason, Bob. “Single-payer Health Care Would Help to Treat Three Separate Threats.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. N.p., 26 Oct. 2014. Web. 25 Apr. 2017.

Slaughter, Matthew, and Phillip Swagel. “Economic Issues 11–Does Globalization Lower Wages and Export Jobs?” International Monetary Fund., Sept. 1997. Web. 25 Apr. 2017.

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Global Trends in the Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic dyes and colours: Explained

Cosmetic colours are also known as cosmetic lakes. These colours are produced by taking the help of absorption of dyes that are water-soluble onto a substrate. It makes the colour insoluble in water. Cosmetic lake colours are made by making use of unique technology. The technology helps in attaining extremely fine particles. These particles help in achieving shade consistency. In comparison water soluble colours, cosmetic lakes are much more stable & safe. They also generate vivacious and brighter colours. It has been seen that cosmetic pigments and lakes are more suitable for food products that contain fats and oils. They are also suitable for those products that do not contain enough moisture for dissolving colours.

Cosmetic dyes, on the other hand are used for making cosmetic colours & products. These dyes are widely used by the cosmetic manufacturing industries and businesses all over the world. They are primarily used for manufacturing hair dyes, lipsticks, nail polishes, shampoo as well as other personal care products. It has been seen that generally water soluble & food dyes are very easy and safe to use. These dyes are mostly used for a wide variety of applications. They include cleaning chemicals, soaps, medicine, cosmetic products etc.

Know which ones are safe for use

Be it the use of any type of cosmetic dyes or cosmetic colorants safety of use is a primary consideration. Cosmetic colours and cosmetic dyes often make use of a wide range of synthetic colours. These are often referred to as FD&C colours. They are mainly extracted through coal tar and are basically a by-product of petroleum. Research shows that some particular coal tar based dyes lead to different types of cancer. This is why the FDA regulates them. They also determine the arsenic or lead amount they contain. Thus there are many restrictions in the use of such colours.

Some global trends in Cosmetic dyes and cosmetic colours

Worldwide it is seen that North America, followed by Europe, has the largest market for colour cosmetics. This is due to innovations in colour cosmetics. Other factors also include high consumer disposable income and frequent new product launches in colour cosmetic market in the region. However Asia too is expected to show high growth rate in the colour cosmetics market in next few years. This is on account of the increasing consumer incomes and rising in awareness about personal care products in the region.

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